It’s not always about the cheapest price. A strong value proposition can make all the difference…

Let’s take 2 similar monthly subscription products. Product A is priced slightly lower than Product B.

Product A requires you to commit for 3 – 5 years with high termination charges to exit early & a real possibility the supplier will regularly increase the monthly fees.

Product B is on a simple rolling monthly contract with no termination charges & comes with a guarantee your current agreement price will never increase.

Everything else being equal. Such as specification, quality & service. Which 1 would you pick?

Yes, us too…

Product B gives you much stronger value propositions, which provide you with less risk & much more certainty.

Both Product A & B are printer technology solutions. Except product B is ours & designed to disrupt the industry. With strong value propositions to give you certainty of cost & total peace of mind.

Have you ever thought about value propositions rather than it being all about the price?