Home printing these days is seen as a luxury most families can’t afford.

We know it’s expense raising a family, we’ve 3 children of our own. Yes 3. And we love all 3 equally and would never change things for the world. But let me explain how we ended up with 3…

We call it the 4 year gap syndrome.

Yes there is a 4 year gap between each of our children. And we’ve worked out, it’s enough time to forget how hard those first few years juggling the rigors of life with a new born baby can be. My wife has also forgotten how painful child birth is, and I’ve eventually forgiven her for all the names she called me in the delivery suite.

Why didn’t we learn & stop after number 2? Because we had 2 boys and another 4 years had passed. My wife was yearning for a girl and her body clock was ticking away.

Luckily it was a girl. And yes I do mean we were lucky. If it had been another boy, I’ve no doubt I would have started this story with ‘we’ve 4 children of our own’ or even ‘we’ve 5 children of our own’.

Sorry I digress…

Yes it is expensive raising a family and home printing is probably the last thing on the agenda. With priorities like food, nappies, clothes and heating on top of the list.

And we know, it’s not just about buying the right ‘fit for purpose’ printer in the first place. It’s also about the damned expensive printer cartridges that you need to replace, much quicker than you first realised. Costing up to £60 a time and sometimes only lasting a matter of weeks. I’m not even going to mention the printer seems to break just after the warranty period is up too, adding extra cost into the already stretched annual household budget.

But at the same time there are many advantages in having a ‘fit for purpose’ home printing solution with the latest wireless multi-function equipment. Like:

  • Become a home worker
  • Finish work earlier & finish a few things off at home
  • Start a business from home
  • Print pictures on demand of your children growing up
  • Design & print your own party invitations
  • Design & print your own Birthday & Christmas cards
  • The convenience of not having to go to the shops to get your photo’s developed
  • The security of not giving your card details to online photo developers (if you do it this way)
  • Connect all the families wireless devices to it, including smart phones & tablets
  • Print out your children’s homework
  • Scan & save your children’s homework
  • Let the children print whatever they want, including posters & things to colour on rainy days
  • Print out stories for your children to read
  • Print out recipes to follow
  • Print out clothes designs to make
  • Print out knitting patterns
  • Print out any other kinds of designs to follow
  • Design your own kitchen or bathroom, print it out & go buy your products
  • Scan and save important documents
  • Scan documents to email to others
  • Scan old photos to store or email to others
  • Copy documents or pictures to share with others
  • Print your boarding passes
  • Print your holiday pictures
  • Ability to edit your photo’s before you print them
  • Print complaint letters to the council or to 1 of the utility companies
  • Take pictures at house parties & print them off immediately to hand out
  • Have a masquerade party & take everyone’s picture. Next day print them out & guess who’s who
  • Print out leaflets & posters to advertise your home business
  • If your cat or dog goes missing you can print out missing posters complete with their picture
  • Print your, your partners or your children’s CV and covering letter to apply for jobs

The list of home printing benefits could go on forever & to be able to do all these things would be truly amazing. But at the same time, will cost you about £500 a year in replacement cartridges alone.

What if we said you can do all these home printing things. Including receiving the latest ‘fit for purpose’ wireless multi-function printer for just £11.99 a month. Would you be interested?

Well, if you are interested here’s the deal…

INFINITY is an affordable ’fit for purpose’ home printing service designed specifically for families. It provides certainty of your total printing cost and certainty of guaranteed service & support. Leading to total peace of mind.

You will receive the latest ‘fit for purpose’ home rated wireless multi-function printer with UNLIMITED replacement cartridges. And we guarantee 100% satisfaction with service & support (fix or replace) all included. We even guarantee your current agreement price will never increase.

For further information or to order click here or call us free on 0800 18 33 800 Monday – Friday between 9 & 5pm.