In America you can already get a new car paying in subscriptions…

You can sign up to Hyundai’s electric Ioniq on a 36-month plan, pay $275 a month & benefit from:

  • No deposit
  • No finance agreement
  • Inclusive of tax & charges
  • No mileage penalties (unlimited mileage)
  • Electric charging included
  • Servicing & maintenance included

And offers monthly subscriptions (with no credit checks) on any vehicle you want to drive. Which includes insurance, maintenance & road side assistance. Fuel is the only thing extra.

It won’t be long before this becomes the norm for most of us…

Why would you bother owning a car when you can pay an affordable monthly subscription (including all associated costs) & have the flexibility to change models if your needs change.

In the UK we are a little behind in our acceptance of subscriptions. But just look at your monthly bank statement & you’ll be surprised how many items you’re already paying for monthly.

Things like electricity, water, insurance & even council tax.

It’s just about taking things a little further & paying monthly for things like TV, books, flowers, cakes, perfume, shaving, wine & cheese.

Although, the best subscriptions should always deliver savings & convenience too. Savings against what it would normally cost you to buy those products over a 12-month period & the convenience of having those products available all of the time without having to go shopping.

Take Dollar Shave Club as an example. They’ll ship you a high-quality blade for every week of the year for just £8 a month. That’s a huge saving against a leading brand like Gillette.

We’ve joined the subscription club too. With Infinity. Our home, home worker & homes business print solution. Which includes unlimited document & photograph printing for just £11.99 a month.

So, why not have a look at some of the subscriptions now available in the UK. And see which ones can save you some cash and make your life just that little bit less stressful.