To disrupt an industry & be an innovator, you don’t have to create something from scratch…

Taking something that already exists, transporting & reworking it to make something new. Can make you a disruptor & set you apart from your competition.

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz didn’t invent the coffee bar. On a trip to Italy he was mesmerised by the amount of people who gathered at local coffee bars.

The coffee bars offered comfort & a place to enjoy the company of neighbours. Creating a community who were like an extended family.

At the time Americans grabbed a coffee from a diner & Schultz spotted an opportunity. Reworking the Italian coffee bar to become Starbucks & a public place for Americans to meet between work & home.

It took a couple of attempts before he got Starbucks right. Eventually working out Americans wanted a place where they could comfortably work on their laptops, whilst sipping great coffee.

In our industry. We recognised families & home workers were fed up of wasting time sourcing & buying expensive printer cartridges, whilst having to fix or replace their broken printers.

We reworked the situation & supply a maintained (fix or replace) multifunction printer with unlimited cartridges for a low fixed monthly fee. Providing certainty of cost & total peace of mind.

Can you take something that exists in your industry & rework work it, to become a disruptor too?