The smart speaker revolution really is quite amazing…

Already 4 million UK homes & 30 million US homes have at least 1 smart speaker. And the numbers are expected to at least double.

Currently Amazon’s Echo range leads the way. But Google, Apple and Samsung are not far behind. With Sony leading the straggling bunch.

Smart speakers are beginning to be used across a wide range of tasks too. Here’s the current top 7:

  1. To learn something new
  2. To check a fact
  3. Research a brand or company
  4. Help choose a product
  5. For entertainment & fun
  6. To follow the news
  7. To follow celebrities

Believe it or not. 1 in 10 people are letting smart speakers decide which brand or product they should buy too.

Smart speakers aren’t just for asking random questions. Already half of smart speaker users are shopping with them. 30% of users are buying all kinds of shopping with them & 25% are playing it safe & sticking to just their groceries.

And it’s not just about using them to reorder the same products either. Nearly 25% of smart speaker users are continually pushing the boundaries and testing what other new products they can purchase with them too.

According to a Nielsen Research survey. Smart speakers are now also being synchronised with other devices in the home.

32% percent of smart speaker owners have the devices synced with their smartphones, and 23% connect the devices to their TVs.

2018 began with a widely held expectation that the smart speaker market could take off on the strength of increased competition from Google Home, Appleā€™s HomePod and the Samsung Galaxy Home.

A recent Adobe report suggested ownership could surge to 48% by the end of this year.

The Nielsen report suggests the greatest opportunity for smart speakers still lie ahead though.

While it seems many users have synchronised their smart speakers with their smartphones and TVs. Far fewer said they have yet to connect their device to lights (17%), thermostats (17%) and their security systems (12%).

Let’s face it & whether you like it or not. We are in the middle of a smart speaker revolution & there ain’t no turning it back or slowing it down.

The smart speaker is set to become the controller for the home of the future. I suppose a remote voice control for all your home devices. Including kitchen equipment, heating, entertainment & security devices.

We need to get with the program too. And make sure our affordable home printing solution of the future will be smart speaker compatible too.

And as soon as the technology is available for an affordable price, we can guarantee it will be adopted & built in to our future affordable home printing solution.