The stars aligned for us on Saturday night…

Having 3 children we don’t get out much on our own. And when our eldest reached baby-sitting age. We celebrated and started planning our Saturday date nights…

Alas though, it wasn’t to be. He only went and got a girl-friend. And spends most Saturday nights at parties or friends houses.

And then a miracle happened. Mum Dad will you go out please and we’ll baby-sit. Wow, we didn’t need a 2nd invitation, threw our glad rags on and ran out the door. Before they changed their minds.

Don’t get me wrong, it was nothing fancy. We just had a walk in the rain to our local Chinese restaurant. The Sun Dragon. It was just fantastic to spend some time on our own.

It’s relaxed at The Sun Dragon. There’s no need to dress up to the nines. And if all you’re after, is a chill out, where you can talk and eat some good food for a reasonable price, it’s a good place to go.

Mae who owns The Sun Dragon with her husband, is a good host. Always open for a chat and a bit of fun too. Mae’s youngest goes to the same school as our middle 1, so we know them quite well.

As always, the food was good. And we washed it down with a couple of glasses of wine. We chatted the night away discussing kids, life and plans. With Mae popping in & out of the conversation too.

It was raining outside. But it’s only a 10-minute brisk walk home. So we decided to walk. We got to the last corner before home, and then it happened…

I reached into my pocket to check the time. Thinking, will the youngest 2 be in bed already. Then it hit me like a sledge-hammer. I’d left my smart phone in The Sun Dragon. Remembering the spilt wine on the table, I’d moved my phone on to the window sill. And forgot about it!

I’ve not done this before and never experienced anything like it. Panic set in and in between the rain drops I even felt beads of sweat on my forehead. I know it’s daft, but it felt like I’d lost an arm.

I set off running. Yes, I high tailed it double quick back to The Sun Dragon in the pouring rain. In a desperate quest to retrieve my smart phone and sew my missing arm back on. I’d never run as fast (since the 100-metre final in my final high school year, whilst setting a new school record).

Guess what? It was shut. The whole restaurant was in total darkness. Complete panic mode set in. My mind was racing at 100 mph. What am I going to do? How am I going to get my phone back? How will I get through a whole night without my phone? Cold turkey set in & I was visibly shaking.

A walked back dejected and confused. There was no 100-metre record being set this time. And I couldn’t believe I’d been so stupid to (what I felt at the time) leave a body part in the restaurant.

Getting back to the house, I was desperate and got straight on to Facebook, found The Sun Dragon & messaged Mae. In the faint hope that she might just check for messages before she went to bed.

It wasn’t to be. After spending an hour or so watching JAWS. I resigned myself to going to bed knowing my smart phone (body part) was left all alone in a strange place.

And it wasn’t about being scared someone would take the phone. Because I knew it was safe. We were the last people to leave the restaurant, and it was left on the window sill next to our table. Mae would know it was mine and keep it safe for me.

It was about being attached. Today’s phone is not just a way to talk to people anymore. Today’s phone has become an integral part of your being. You could say another body part even.

The term, wearable, is used today for things that you wear which are connected to the internet in some way. Things like Google glasses, smart watches and even people embedded micro-chips. But for me the smart phone was the first wearable, and has been accepted into society as a way of life.

So, if you’re like me & your smart phone has become an extension of your very being. Being without it for a sustained time period really has an emotional impact on you. In-reality it shouldn’t of course. But it does, and it really can affect you in ways you don’t expect.

After a sleepless night. I woke the next day with a slightly different perspective. The phone was safe, so why was I worried? I’d go collect it this morning. And even if I couldn’t get it straight away. The restaurant opens at 5pm, so I would be certain of retrieving it then.

What amazes me though. Is the impact that the smart phone has on me. How it has woven itself in my very being. To the point of feeling like I’d lost a limb when leaving it in The Sun Dragon, even though it was in safe hands with Mae.

I use my phone for everything. It’s my diary, to check the weather, to connect with customers, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, maps, recipe’s, it’s my alarm clock, my watch, video blogging, book reviews, photographs, banking, paying bills, to print directly to my home infinity printer and even to talk to people. The list is endless…

I can’t think of any other product (in history) that has made such a fundamental change to the way society interacts and goes about its business. Can you?