Selling is a fundamental part of business…

Some people are uncomfortable & even ashamed about being called a salesperson, but in my book most people (if not all) in your business are salespeople.

Whether it’s in a traditional sales role like a business development person or in a customer service, technical or delivery position.

Anyone who touches a customer (face 2 face, verbally, email or on social platforms) is in a sales role & will come across lots of opportunities to help them, which strengthens the customer relationship.

Selling for me, is a fantastic profession & if conducted in a professional & structured manner, can provide most salespeople with a comfortable lifestyle.

You don’t need to be academic & spend years at university, like you do to become an accountantarchitect or solicitor.

And you don’t need to spend years laboring on as an apprentice to learn a trade like an electricianplumber or joiner.

I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with going to university or spending years learning a trade. If that’s your passion, it’s a direction you should follow.

What I am saying. There’s no shame being a salesperson & if you do it right, you’ll have a fantastic career, turn customers into friends, have great fun & live a very comfortable life.

But remember though. Sales is not about selling a customer something they don’t need & then walking away to repeat the process.

Sales is about helping customers identify & solve problems. It’s about building trust & providing fit for purpose solutions. Leaving customers with certainty & total peace of mind.

…our job as salespeople is simple. Help people with integrity. Do this & you’ll have a fantastic time.