I don’t know about you. But over the last 10 to 15-years household appliances (and printing technology) have changed dramatically in their build quality. Vastly reducing their longevity…

When I was nineteen (after leaving the army) I worked as a fitted kitchen designer for a small family run business in Blackburn.

And what strikes me now is the deterioration of build quality & longevity in your everyday kitchen appliance. Things like washing machines & dish washers.

A few years ago, I designed and managed our own fitted kitchen installation. It included your normal kitchen appliances like a washing machine, dishwasher, fridge-freezer & cooker.

Since then we’ve already been through 3 washing machines, 3 dishwashers, 2 fridge-freezers and 2 cookers. Each time, being told there’s no point trying to repair them, as a replacement is cheaper.

But if I think back to my kitchen designing days. The products back then seemed much better built, lasted far longer, and you could even repair them quite easily for a reasonable price.

And it’s not just white goods either…

We’ve been operating our printing technology business for 16 years and a similar thing has happened. Back in the day printers were manufactured to be robust, they lasted for years and were easy to repair if anything did go wrong.

Today though, most printers & multi-function devices aren’t made to last. And most manufacturers aren’t confident in the longevity of their products, giving you no-more than a 12-month warranty.

But there is some good news (of sorts). I suppose it depends if we end up staying in the EU. Because citizens in the EU will soon get a ‘right to repair’ of sorts, the BBC reports.

It seems European ministers are to force manufacturers to make goods that last longer and are easier to mend. As you can imagine, manufacturers say the proposed rules on repair-ability are too strict and will stifle innovation. Probably because the rules will stop them from selling more stuff.

One study showed that between 2004 and 2012, the proportion of major household appliances that died within five years rose from 3.5% to 8.3%. And an analysis of dumped washing machines at a recycling centre showed more than 10% were less than five years old. Confirming my theory.

Unfortunately, we can’t influence white goods and we’ve got to leave it the politicians. But we can have an impact on your printing technology. And while you are on 1 of our home or business managed print service agreements, we guarantee to fix or replace your printing technology for free.

You can read more about the pending ‘right to repair’ proposals on the BBC website and find out more about our home & business managed print service agreement at mytotalofficesolutions.com.