Did you know the early Quakers invented fixed pricing?

Back in the 1870’s Roland Macy founded Amercia’s famous department store Macy’s. And he was a Quaker. Roland thought (as did the rest of the Quakers) it was immoral to charge different prices to different people for the same thing. So he invented fixed price labeling of goods.

You see. For centuries. Haggling was the norm. There was a whole industry dedicated to the development of a system that required clerks and shopkeepers to train as negotiators. So they could make the highest possible profit margins.

Roland Macy & the Quakers changed much of this. By the early 1900’s fixed pricing had spread throughout much of Western retail stores. And haggling has become much rare.

Although (if you look deep enough) a modern form of haggling is still evident in some sectors today…

Ever negociated for bulding work, new windows or a new kitchen? It always seems theres a little bit of wiggle (haggle) room from when the first estimate is drawn up. Especially if they know who their competitors are for the work. It happened with us a few years back when we needed a kitchen.

It’s even present in printing technology. There’s no fixed prices for printers or more importantly the replacement cartridges. The printer manufacturers (HP, Epson, Canon & Brother) don’t make much money selling printers. They make the money on the replacement cartridges.

It can cost £70 or more to replace a set of printer cartridges in a home printer. Each printer is different & takes different cartridges with different prices. Even the same cartridges are different prices from all the 100’s of suppliers. Certainly no fixed pricing here.

We feel like the Quakers. We think it’s immoral to sell printers cheap to tie people in to buy expensive replacement cartridges. And all at different prices. So like the Quakers we’re changing our industry.

We provide a fixed price for home & home working printing. £11.99 a month gets you the latest home multi-function printer with unlimited replacement cartridges. There’s no haggling required & no expensive cash outlay at anytime. Just a low affordable monthly fee that is guaranteed never to increase.

What about you & your industry. Is modern haggling evident?

Can you do what the Quakers did & make yourself stand out?