Valley Shorai Karate & Kickboxing Club has its training facilities in Ewood Bridge (Haslingden). Sensei Neil Holroyd runs the club & has been involved in karate & kick boxing for over 30 years.

As a 3rd Dan Sensei Neil is extremely experienced & has a fantastic team of instructors, with a strong track record of training students to black belt level (1st Dan) & beyond.

The club caters for a broad range of ages. From 5 up to adults. Training for the youngster’s is on Wednesday at 6pm & Saturday’s at 9:45am. The older children train on Monday & Thursday at 6pm & Saturdays at 10:30am. Adults are on Monday & Thursday from 7:30pm.

As well as training. Sensei Neil & his team encourage students to enter local, national & international tournaments. With many being selected for the England team to compete at World level.

Customer objective

Running a small local club along side your day job is a difficult thing & money is always tight. Once the rent & utilities are paid. There’s not much else left for luxuries like printing.

Sensei Neil’s other passion is photography. And he wanted a cost-effective way of printing out pictures of the students to put on his gallery wall & to give to parents.

The club want to be able to print out pictures of their England team students too. So, signed & framed copies can be presented to the local businesses who sponsor them. Being an amateur sport with no funding. It costs the club £1,000’s each year for the students to be involved at world level.

Sensei Neil had been buying replacement cartridges (at £30 a time) for an existing printer. But it was costing £400 a year & just wasn’t affordable for this small family run club.

Our solution

After a free assessment, we suggested Sensei Neil signed up to our home & home business printing package Infinity.

The package provides the latest wireless multi-function & photo quality home printer. With an unlimited amount of replacement cartridges & support if anything goes wrong for £11.99 a month.

As well as all the equipment it comes with a fixed priced guarantee too. Meaning your agreement price will never increase & you won’t ever be surprised by any hidden extra costs.

Financial and operational result

Financially. Sensei Neil is saving £256 each year. Which is a massive 64% less than his previous solution. And leaves a bit of extra cash to spend on new equipment to help the students.

Operationally. The club has benefited too. As it’s the latest equipment. Sensei Neil can print directly from his phone, tablet or laptop. Giving him much more flexibility in what he prints & when he prints. Being a multi-function device Sensei Neil can now copy & scan documents on demand too.