Are you fed up (like me) with organisations offering great promotions to new customers only?

Not a day goes by when a bank, credit card company or a broadband supplier brings out a fantastic deal to get new customers to sign up. What do the existing customers get? Zip. Zero. Zilch. Nothing.

It’s happened to us a few times with broadband & credit cards. And it’s cheesed us off so much we’ve ended up swapping & signing up with someone else. To be honest though. They’re all at it.

BT are doing a great deal on broadband for the first 18 months for new customers. But if you’re already a BT broadband customer & not on this latest promotion. You can probably forget it.

SKY’s another 1. As a new customer you can get a TV package from £22 a month for 18 months. But existing customers are paying £27 a month.

I know you can probably threaten to cancel & eventually (once you’ve been passed around departments) they’ll agree to put you on the promotions rate.

For us though it leaves a bitter taste. As they’ve had your business for a long time & only when you want to leave will they give you the same deal. Shouldn’t everyone be entitled to the same deal?

In our business. We find this quite immoral & would never do this to our existing customers. When we run promotions all our customers gain from them.

As an example. Our current promotion allows anyone to buy 1 of our own brand printer cartridges & get the same 1 again at half price. Home users. Businesses. Schools. Charities. Both new & existing.

Let’s say you’re a long-standing existing customer of an organisation. How would it make you feel to be excluded from ‘new customer only’ promotions?