What’s the 2 biggest assets an organisation has?

Yes, that’s right:

  • Your team (if you have 1)
  • Your customers

And if you’ve got the right team. They’ll do a great job in looking after customers & provide fantastic ongoing service. Which will turn 1-time customers into repeat customers & hopefully raving fans.

What’s a raving fan?

Raving fans are customers so enthused about the service you provide. They’re willing to tell others about you. On a customer satisfaction survey out of 10. They would rank 8, 9 or 10.

When a business has done something wrong it seems natural to have a little moan about them to others. But it doesn’t seem to work the same on the flip side.

Unless you’re big into networking & used to it. It doesn’t feel as natural to promote a business to others for doing such a great job. Does it?

Which means. If you really want to turn more of those 8’s, 9’s & 10’s into raving fans. You may have to incentivise them in some way.

What do I mean?

Study the product or service you provide & list the ways you may be able to reward an existing customer for getting you a new 1. Then formalise it into a referral program & promote it.

As an example…

Our home & home business printing solution (Infinity) is payable in a monthly subscription of £11.99. And any existing customer who gets us a new sign up. We’ll give them a month’s subscription back.

It works for us. We have a good number of existing Infinity customers who refer others on a regular basis. I think we’ve even got 1 who got 12 new sign ups & ended up getting their Infinity free for a year.

You might be a florist who gives out a bouquet for every new customer you find them. Or a garage who gives out a free services. Or even a restaurant who provides a complementary meal for 2.

No matter what the product or service you provide. I’m sure there’s a way for you to turn those 8, 9’s & 10’s into raving fans too.

Can you think of any other good examples where a referral scheme could work?