• printer technology product strategy

Right printer technology strategy?

If you have a product specialism. Such as printer technology solutions, like us… Do you have a product strategy & create slightly different models for each target market, or do you offer the same product [...]

  • amazon burning climate change

Could trees reverse climate change?

Nearly 90,000 forest fires have broken out in Brazil since the beginning of the year (which is nearly double the amount for the whole of last year) & over half of them in the massive [...]

  • university

University choices unpacked…

Have you ever done the university circuit? It’s what we’ve been up to for the past couple of months. We’ve never done it before. But what a minefield it is. It’s not surprising our future [...]

  • print technology

Print technology & the future…

hat does the future hold for the print technology industry? Manufacturer (HP, Ricoh, Xerox, Canon etc.) strategies are changing. It’s a saturated market & no longer can they guarantee large revenues to increase share prices, to benefit their investors. Some are [...]

  • infinity products

Great products can sell themselves…

If you spend your money on producing great products you won’t need to advertise… As your customers will connect with each other & do it for you. But most people produce safe [...]

  • prime

Prime increases your Amazon spend

Amazon use Prime to increase you’re spend & supercharge their own business… For £7.99 a month you get: Free next day delivery on millions of products Stream or download a selection of movies [...]

  • job or business

Do you have a job or a business?

When we first started out in business we didn’t think about the future. It was a lifestyle decision… We’d just had our 1st child & I was away 3 or 4 night a week with [...]

  • Do you know your target customer

Do you know your target customer?

Knowing your customer allows you to steam-line your marketing activities & develop a focused strategy… Which will save you marketing spend, loads of time, whilst increasing your conversions. As an example. We [...]

  • Value Proposition

Value propositions win against price

It’s not always about the cheapest price. A strong value proposition can make all the difference... Let’s take 2 similar monthly subscription products. Product A is priced slightly lower than Product B. Product [...]

  • What makes your business unique

What makes your business unique?

There's lots of companies selling printer technology... So, what makes us different & stand out from the rest? Well we found that no-one likes being tied into long term service agreements or into [...]

  • breaking records

Breaking records helps build brands

Did you know Richard Branson holds 7 world records? It’s true. They’re for: Fastest Atlantic Ocean crossing 1st person to cross the Atlantic Ocean in a hot air balloon 1st person to [...]

  • infinity printer for galactic travels

Infinity printer allows personal travel service

We’re here today with Bernie of Galactic Travels… ‘Bernie would you like to tell everybody what you do?’ ‘Hi all. I’m a personal travel consultant & working from home allows me to help you plan [...]

  • creativity and invention with a longbow

Invention leads to business success

In the cold and systematic world of modern business an absence of creativity & invention often dictates decision making & in turn can spell the downfall of many organisations. Many often believe that the key [...]

  • SmartPA

SmartPA gains certainty of costs

SmartPA Sadie Nicholson offers bespoke admin packages to all sizes of organisations. From a 1-man band right up to organisations with 100’s of employees. Sadie provides back office business support functions, which can free up time so [...]

  • Steve brooks of catax saving limited companies money

Companies can claim £1,000’s in tax relief

Steve Brooks of CATAX helps Limited companies make cash through claiming tax back on the money they invest in innovative research & development. Making many Limited companies £1,000’s. Research and Development (R&D) tax relief is [...]

  • blue light workers

Blue Light workers fuel growth

Here’s a growth opportunity tip, where any business selling to the general public can benefit… Including the NHS, Police, Fire Brigade, the Armed Forces & other rescue services there are close to [...]

  • Valley Shorai printing leads to world championships

Printing solution leads to world championship

Valley Shorai Karate & Kickboxing Club has its training facilities in Ewood Bridge (Haslingden). Sensei Neil Holroyd runs the club & has been involved in karate & kick boxing for over 30 years. As a 3rd Dan Sensei Neil [...]

  • Welcome to Smart PA play

In need of a Smart PA?

Darren begins with saying. "Good day. We're here today with Sadie Nicholson of Smart PA, who's going to explain how she can help you." "Hi all" said Sadie. "At Smart PA we [...]

  • New customer only promotions

Are new customer only promotions right?

Are you fed up (like me) with organisations offering great promotions to new customers only? Not a day goes by when a bank, credit card company or a broadband supplier brings out [...]

  • British Heart Foundation recycling saves lives

Recycling helps British Heart Foundation save lives

The British Heart Foundation fund over £100 million of research each year into all heart and circulatory diseases and the things that cause them. The research they’ve funded has given us machines [...]

  • Surf Air

Air travel subscription is here…

Remember that episode of The Apprentice where Lord Sugar gets the teams to create a new airline… Collaborative came up with Jet Pop with an explosion in the logo & Typhoon plumped [...]

  • quaker fixed pricing

Fixed pricing invented by the Quakers…

Did you know the early Quakers invented fixed pricing? Back in the 1870's Roland Macy founded Amercia's famous department store Macy's. And he was a Quaker. Roland thought (as did the rest of the Quakers) [...]

  • How to make referral schemes work with play

How to make referral schemes work…

What’s the 2 biggest assets an organisation has? Yes, that’s right: Your team (if you have 1) Your customers And if you’ve got the right team. They’ll do a great job in [...]

  • blue light credit

Blue light workers gain credit & fuel growth

Shouldn't we be giving blue light workers a little more credit? We were supporting a charity event last weekend. A friend of ours (Scott Cunliffe of The Runaway Challenege) is 🏃‍♂️ to every premier league [...]

  • netflix subscription service

Ready for subscription video on demand (SVOD)?

Netflix spends around £8 billion a year on original video content. Why? Because they have 120 million subscribers paying (on average) £100 a year. Which is a mind boggling £12 billion in [...]

  • Subscriptions play button

Subscriptions save cash & time…

In America you can already get a new car paying in subscriptions… You can sign up to Hyundai’s electric Ioniq on a 36-month plan, pay $275 a month & benefit from: No [...]

  • claim R&D tax relief with catax

How to claim research & development tax relief

Today I'm with Steve Brooks of CATAX. Steve please can you introduce yourself... 'Hi everyone, I'm Steve Brooks & I help organisations make cash through claiming tax back on the money they [...]

  • secure confidential affordable printing solution

Do you print confidential documents?

Normally, I’d be advising most organisations (with an open plan work space) a centralised approach to print scan & copy is the most efficient solution... And it is. But there is 1 [...]

  • home workers printing

Home workers gain printing certainty

Before we started the business, I used to be a home worker for a large global IT company. And I kitted out the loft with some basic furniture & the company provided [...]

  • stop buying expensive printer cartridges

Watch this & stop buying printer cartridges

The high cost of replacement printer cartridges can be a real problem for families, home-based businesses & home workers too… A good friend of mine had a dilemma. He buys a set [...]

  • valley shorai home printing solution

Karate club save £400 a year…

We’re here today at Valley Shorai Karate & Kickboxing Club in Ewood Bridge. Haslingden. Let’s go inside & see what they’re up to… Senei Neil Holroyd runs the club & he has [...]

  • right to repair household appliances & printing technology

Right to repair printing technology…

I don’t know about you. But over the last 10 to 15-years household appliances (and printing technology) have changed dramatically in their build quality. Vastly reducing their longevity… When I was nineteen [...]

  • printer cartridge sale

Sale of the century…

Here at MY Total Office Solutions it’s a sale day every day! We’re (probably) the only place in the world, where you can buy 1 compatible printer cartridge & get the same [...]

  • netflix subscription service

Secretly paying for a subscription you don’t use?

Subscription services are very convenient and can be a fantastic way to save money too... Take our affordable home (Infinity) & business (MY Print Service) printing services as examples. If you have school aged children, [...]

  • Amazon made me go cold turkey

Amazon gave me cold turkey…

It's been a couple of months since I vowed 'never to buy off Amazon again'. It's probably time I came clean and told you how I'm really getting on... A quick recap. I'm on Amazon [...]

  • smart phone body part or just technology

Smart phone. Body part or just tech?

The stars aligned for us on Saturday night… Having 3 children we don’t get out much on our own. And when our eldest reached baby-sitting age. We celebrated and started planning our Saturday date nights… [...]

  • Our christmas present to you. But one get one half price

Our Christmas gift will save you money

Forget black Friday & ignore cyber Monday... Our Christmas special offer is designed to help reduce your home expenses, and is running right up until midnight on 31st December. Buy 1 of [...]

  • service & guarantees

How important is service & guarantees to you?

Are service & guarantees important to you? They are to us... The core of our organisation is built on these 3 values, and when harnessed together guarantee the service we provide to [...]

  • George home delivery

Why George is right about home delivery…

George is 89 and lives on his own in Bury... Sadly his wife (or his soulmate as George put it) passed away a number of years ago, and since, he's been rattling around the family [...]

  • England Neil Holroyd

England win a bounty of medals…

England had an amaze balls week at the World Karate & Kickboxing Championships in Dublin. The event was huge with thousands of competitors & spectators... What was was amazing. Our little karate club (Valley Shorai) [...]

  • England team

Team England are here to win gold

Check this picture out. It's just like being at the Olympics. We're lucky enough to be in Dublin this week with team England for the world karate & kick boxing championship. Can you remember (read [...]

  • Google home hub smart speaker

Is the Google Home Hub the best smart speaker?

Last week we wrote about the smart speaker revolution (you can read it here) & that 4 million UK homes & 30 million US homes already have at least 1 smart speaker. And the numbers [...]

  • smart speaker revolution

Smart speaker starts a revolution

The smart speaker revolution really is quite amazing... Already 4 million UK homes & 30 million US homes have at least 1 smart speaker. And the numbers are expected to at least double. Currently Amazon's [...]

  • audi premium brand

Premium brand is not always best. Here’s why…

Some would say premium brand products are more genuine. With higher quality ingredients, parts and materials. And that they undergo more testing & last longer. But is this all true? These same people would say [...]

Invention can make your life easier…

An invention happens because inventors think about what problems they can solve, and it usually revolves around making our lives easier. Here's 10 of the best inventions to make your life easier. And the last [...]

  • Amazon echo

Amazon microwave hears you. What next?

Can't believe it. Amazon have just released a £50 ($59.99) smart microwave that you can talk to... Yes you heard me right. No more pressing buttons. Simply communicate with your Microwave through your Amazon Echo [...]

  • saving money at home tips

Saving money at home. Top10 tips…

Saving money at home is just as important as saving money in your organisation... That’s why we created this list of 10 easy ways to start saving money. They won't change your life on their [...]

  • Artificial Intelligence the future home help

Artificial Intelligence the future of home help?

What is Artificial Intelligence? Artificial Intelligence is computing power able to perform complex tasks that would otherwise require a human brain to perform. A motion sensor triggers a light to turn on. But Artificial Intelligence considers the [...]

  • affordable home printing solution invention

The convenience of home printing…

Home printing these days is seen as a luxury most families can't afford. We know it's expense raising a family, we've 3 children of our own. Yes 3. And we love all 3 equally and [...]

  • back to school saving tips with infinity

Back to school budget saving tips…

Ahhh the summer break, that magical time of year every parent thinks about during the stressful moments of the school year. Summer is the time of year that both parents and children alike, take some [...]

  • Epson energy saving

Epson inkjet printers save £30 million…

According to Epson in their first European sustainability report (The Green Choice) printing with Epson inkjet printers could save up to £30 million on UK energy bills, and save over 75 million KG’s in CO2 [...]