Knowing your customer allows you to steam-line your marketing activities & develop a focused strategy…

Which will save you marketing spend, loads of time, whilst increasing your conversions.

As an example. We identified 3 customer groups who will benefit from our home printing solution. Infinity:

  • Families with school children
  • Home workers
  • Home based businesses

We know that each customer group requires a reliable & cost-effective home printing solution.

Families with school children regularly print school related documents, items for crafts & hobbies and photographs of family & friends.

Home workers print reports, letters, quotes, & all types of marketing information. Normally they’d buy their own printer & replacement cartridges and claim the cash back on expenses.

Home based businesses need to print reports, letters, quotes, invoices & marketing collateral. They buy & maintain their own printer & replacement printer cartridges.

Surveys have shown that each of these customer groups have very similar printing needs:

  • A reliable low volume printer
  • Reasonable speed & quality
  • Ability to scan & copy the odd pages
  • Printer related spend is (on average) £250 each year.

Our marketing activity is focused directly to each customer group, with the following messages:

  • Save up to 60% on your total printing spend
  • Receive the latest wireless home rated multi-function printer
  • Receive an unlimited supply of replacement printer cartridges
  • If your printer ever breaks it’s fixed or replaced for free
  • Pay a low fixed monthly subscription, which is guaranteed never to increase
  • Gain certainty of your total printing cost complete peace of mind

It’s important that you carry out this exercise for each of your products, as each will have their own target customer groups with their own needs & requirements.

Leading to marketing messages unique to each of them.