When we first started out in business we didn’t think about the future. It was a lifestyle decision…

We’d just had our 1st child & I was away 3 or 4 night a week with my previous job. Our relationship was being stretched to the limit & something had to give.

I’d always been involved in IT products & services, so we decided to open a printer consumables store in our local town. Which meant I was able to be with & support the family every day.

But looking back. All I’d done was swap 1 job for another job. It wasn’t really a business. I was still doing the work & never had the time to concentrate on growing the business.

It took a while for us to work out the future…

After months of thought, analysis & testing. We came to conclusion that all people & organisations want is Simple Honest Service that provides certainty & total peace of mind.

Since our epiphany. We have segmented our target customers into families, home workers, small organisations & large organisations. Building print copy & scan technology solutions specific to each customer.

No matter if you’re part of a family, home worker, small or large organisation we have a print technology solution designed specifically for you. Which provide fit for purpose technology, fixed price guarantees, guaranteed support & simple terms. Leading to certainty & peace of mind.

Our change in business model required an investment in the right team too. Our team consists of dynamic individuals who share the same values of honesty & trust who all work very hard & persevere to make sure we provide the best possible service in any given situation.

It’s no longer a job. It’s a vocation. A way of life. A business. Helping our customers gain certainty of cost & achieving total peace of mind.