Before we started the business, I used to be a home worker for a large global IT company. And I kitted out the loft with some basic furniture & the company provided a laptop & phone.

But when it came to printing, scanning & copying documents. I had to go out and buy my own equipment & claim the money back on expenses.

On the face of it, this didn’t seem so bad. But when I needed replacement cartridges, I wasted loads of time sourcing them.

And, as I had to pay for them too. I was out of pocket to the tune of £50 each month. Until the expenses where paid at the end of the following month.

Even worse was when the printer broke. The company wouldn’t support it. So, I wasted loads more time trying to fix it with nobody to turn to for help.

And if I couldn’t fix it myself, I either sent it back to be repaired under warranty, which could take weeks. Or I just bought another one. Costing the company more money & stretching my own personal finances for another month, until the expenses got paid.

And it wasn’t as if I could use it to print things for the family either. For 1, it wasn’t the right thing to do. But also, the company monitored the cartridge costs closely anyway.

Back then, a home printing solution for a small fixed monthly fee would have been perfect…

Only ever having to shell out £11.99 a month would do wonders for my own personal cash flow. And knowing I never had to repair or replace a broken printer again, or waste time sourcing replacement cartridges, would have been utopia.

Even replacement cartridges would have been delivered to me free the very next day. And broken printers would be repaired or replaced quickly as part of the low (fixed & guaranteed) monthly fee.

And do you know what? I’d even be able to let the family print as much as they wanted too. As it’s a fixed price. So the company would never lose out either.

If I was a company owner who had home workers requiring to print, scan & copy. I’d be insisting they sign up for the Infinity  home printing service or we’d be signing them up for it ourselves.

What better way can an organisation manage & be certain of the costs associated with remote printing. Whilst making sure their home workers are fully productive & not wasting time on non-core activities.

And an added employee bonus. You can even let their family use it too. Without worrying about incurring any extra charges.

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