According to Epson in their first European sustainability report (The Green Choice) printing with Epson inkjet printers could save up to £30 million on UK energy bills, and save over 75 million KG’s in CO2 over a 4 year period.

These environmental and financial benefits have been independently verified by TUV Rheinland, were derived from the total inkjet units sold in 2016 & 2017 and the anticipated savings of the printers over 4 years.

Epson say these gains are due to the advances made in Epson inkjet printing technology, which uses up to 96 per cent less energy, produces up to 92 per cent less CO2 and achieves up to 99 per cent less waste than laser technology.

But do you know the difference between inkjet & laser technology?

Inkjet technology uses ink, which is placed onto the page in tiny droplets. And when using standard office paper, will give you a slightly dull feathered finish. But will produce very sharp photo quality pictures and documents when specialistpapers are used.

Laser technology uses toner, which is fused on top of the page with a very hot heating element. And will give you a sharp bright shimmering finish, no matter the quality of the paper. Although a high quality paper will give a better quality print (unless you spend many £1,000’s) you won’t get the same photo quality as an inkjet can produce.

Laser technology has been typically more expensive to buy than inkjet technology, which is why most people invest in inkjet technology to keep their perceived costs down. But for someone who prints or copies a lot, laser technology (long term running costs) is cheaper than inkjet, as the cost for each printed page is much lower.

But today, thanks to INFINITY, families can not only save on their energy costs and their CO2 usage, they can now save on their total print costs when adopting inkjet technology too.

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