It was absolutely freezing 🥶. But we did it…

The 1st 100 trees of our reforestation & climate change busting ‘Plant a Tree’ program were planted on Saturday.

It was a lovely day on the valley floor, but the Rossendale hills were covered with a freezing & wet mist. That didn’t deter Scarlett (9), Samuel (18) & I from breaking the frosty ground & perservering to get the job done.

We’ve already allocated 17 trees to October printer technology home & business customers & their certifcates will be arriving anytime. And now November month end has ended, we’ll be allocating trees & certifcates to these customers too.

We’ve got some fantastic associated news…

5 other businesses are joining our climate change busting campaign & will be planting trees for their customers too.

Our greatest thanks goes out too…

Anne Williamson of Customer Love Ltd

Paul Schofield of Paul Schofield Wealth Management

Emily Leyland of Fresh Perspective Resourcing Ltd

Danielle Hansen of DH Virtual Office Ltd

Azhar Iqbal of Colne Tyre Centre

Together we’re starting a tree planting revolution & aim to re-forest our own patch of the UK, saying no to climate change.

 Want to get involved?

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