There’s lots of companies selling printer technology

So, what makes us different & stand out from the rest?

Well we found that no-one likes being tied into long term service agreements or into contracts with complex & misleading terms.

All people really want are short-term agreements with a guaranteed fixed prices & simple to understand terms. Which allow them to leave quickly without large financial penalties.

Doing business this way worries many suppliers in our industry though.

But not us…

Customers leave suppliers because of:

 Poor service

 Hidden prices rises

 Misleading terms.

We guarantee these things will never happen. So, why should we be worried about our customers leaving?

Home users with Infinity. Small organisations utilising MY Print Service & larger organisations needing laser or photocopier technology all benefit through:

 Rolling monthly agreements

 Guaranteed fixed pricing

 Simple to understand terms.

 No financial penalties if ever you need to leave.

Now think about your industry & the products or service you provide. What makes your business unique & able to stand out from the competition?