Did you know Richard Branson holds 7 world records?

It’s true. They’re for:

But why do you think he attempts them?

For me it’s 4 things:

  • He’s an adventurer & loves the excitement
  • He’s aim was to make Virgin a recognised global brand
  • Richard & the Virgin brand stands for fun, excitement & disruption
  • He wants to prove people can challenge the status quo and break new ground.

There’s no doubt trying to break records has been great for Virgin & their 200+ companies.

We’ve been thinking how we could use some of this same logic to grow our home & homes business printing service brand, Infinity.

Now I’m no adventurer like Richard Branson. So, it won’t be hot air balloons or kite boarding. But it might be something like:

  • A record number of body parts photocopied in a minute
  • Or a record number of Infinity printers squeezed into a smart car
  • Or even a record for the most cost-effective printing service. From just 1p for a colour page.

We do think that breaking records can be used to make your business stand out.

What record would you try & break given the opportunity?