Here’s a growth opportunity tip, where any business selling to the general public can benefit…

Including the NHS, Police, Fire Brigade, the Armed Forces & other rescue services there are close to 2 million employed UK personnel. The term sometimes used is blue light workers.

Over the years a series of schemes have been developed & released for businesses to market (on mass) direct to the entire blue light UK work force.

The only thing required in return is an exclusive special price to our UK blue light workers.

As an example. Our home & home business printing service (Infinity) is available to all blue light workers at just £9.99 a month. Instead of the normal street price of £11.99.

It’s a great deal either way. As you get the latest wireless multi-function printer & an unlimited amount of replacement cartridges. With guaranteed support & guaranteed fixed prices too.

A note of caution though. Some of the schemes are chargeable. But after analysis we’ve chosen 3 free to join schemes, which pretty much cover the entire blue light workforce. Here’s the 3:

If you operate a business that sells direct to the general public, this could be an affordable way to grow your business & a way to thank our fantastic blue light workers to boot.