Can’t believe it. Amazon have just released a £50 ($59.99) smart microwave that you can talk to…

Yes you heard me right. No more pressing buttons. Simply communicate with your Microwave through your Amazon Echo device.

Just say, “Alexa, reheat one cup of coffee,” and Alexa will start reheating with the appropriate power and time settings. Quick-cook presets mean there’s no need to guess cook times or heat levels either, as the microwave will do it for you.

You can even sign up to automatically reorder popcorn, so you’re always ready for movie night. When you make some popcorn, the microwave will reorder from your chosen brand.

Not sure if you know though? Amazon in America has already entered the grocery business. So being able to automatically replenish your popcorn supply is just the tip of the iceberg (& not just lettuce). It won’t be long before they are automatically filling your fridge, freezer and cupboards up too with everything you need.

Is it another step along the road to total home ownership by Amazon? And made me think what other Echo controlled house hold devices they will be releasing soon…

  1. Washing machine. Will come complete with detergent & once low it will be automatically ordered through Amazon. You won’t need to select a program. Just tell Alexa if it’s white’s or colour’s & it will do the rest.
  2. Dishwasher. As with the washing machine it will come complete with detergent, and once low it will be automatically ordered through Amazon. Again, no programming required. Just ask Alexa.
  3. Coffee machine. Complete with beans, automatically replenished by Amazon. And coffee made by Alexa.
  4. Wine rack. Pre-programmed with your favourites. And once you remove a bottle a sensor will alert Amazon. Who will send you a replacement.
  5. Fridge Freezer. This will be retro fitted for each customer with your favourite foods. And each week it will send a replenishment order through to Amazon to replace the items you’ve used.
  6. Cooker. Voice controlled via your Amazon Echo. Just put your food on the hob or in the oven & tell Alexa what you want to cook & the time & heat will be set automatically.
  7. TV. Voice controlled via your Echo. Just ask Alexa what you want to do. Watch a movie. YouTube, SKYPE, Karaoke, Games etc. And no doubt it will come pre-loaded with Amazon prime.
  8. Vacuum Cleaner. Always on charge & on standby. Just ask Alexa which room to vacuum & watch it go.
  9. Iron. Amazon could provide an ironing board complete with mechanical arms & an iron attachment. All you need to do is tell Alexa which garment you have placed on the board.
  10. Multi-function printer. Ask Alexa to print off your documents and pictures. And when your paper or cartridges are getting low Amazon will automatically deliver replacements.

This all sounds great and could save you lots of time, as well as taking away some of the not so nice house hold chores, like ironing.

But at the same time it’s quite scary too. Would you like a huge global organisation like Amazon to have so much control over your daily life. And give them such a huge slice of your cash too?

Some of the stuff sounds great. But when it comes down to cold hard cash, surely we have to decide how it’s spent and not Amazon. As I’m sure there will always be better deals available than what Amazon want to charge you.

A good example is our home printing service Infinity. Not even Amazon can provide you with the latest multi-function printer with an unlimited amount of replacement printer cartridges for £11.99 a month.

Where will it all end? Will Amazon be the dominant force in goods & technology? And more importantly will we let them control most of our cash?