It’s been a couple of months since I vowed ‘never to buy off Amazon again’. It’s probably time I came clean and told you how I’m really getting on…

A quick recap. I’m on Amazon strike. It’s a bit like hunger strike. Accept I’m allowed to go buy stuff elsewhere (preferable local).

I believe Amazon’s strategy is to dominate global retail, whilst decimating the independent online and bricks & mortar retailers as they go. I believe Amazon are a contributing factor why our high streets are failing too. And the only way we can save our high streets is by shopping local and share out what you would normally buy off Amazon. Even if it costs a little bit more.

Hell. I even had Lord Sugar agreeing with me too.

I’ve pledged an oath never to buy off Amazon again. And do you know what? It’s much harder than I ever thought it would be…

For the first couple of weeks it was like going cold turkey. Every time we needed books, cables, cases, batteries etc, I was on automatic and reached for the Amazon App. It had become a habit. And trying the break a habit is hard. If it’s not items for the business, it’s stuff needed at home too.

I’ve recently started a Vlog (video blog) because (if you’re anything like me) time is very precious & spending it trying to work out if a certain business book is worth reading, is a luxury many can’t afford. And as business books are a passion of mine I decided to share my knowledge with others to let them know which 1’s are worth reading.

The idea (to keep the cost down) was to buy used books off Amazon to use as video props, and download the audio version from Audible (Amazon owned) to listen to whilst delivering orders and leaflets. Obviously I couldn’t do this anymore…

Not to be deterred and after a little investigation. I found that there is life after Amazon. There’s a number of online audio book companies I can use as an alternative, and I’m currently trialing one (Audiobooks). And guess what? I even found a local company (4 miles away) who specialise in used books. Yes, I’m even spending some of my budget locally too.

So, after sweating my way through the cold turkey stage. I’m now starting to form a new habit (never to buy off Amazon again) and I’ve even deleted the Amazon App.

Now when we need something. My first thought is. Can we source it locally for a fair price. And if not, it’s a quick online search to source an alternative supplier to Amazon.

The theory is. It takes about 3 months to form a habit. So another month of this and my fingers should stop twitching every time someone mentions ‘Amazon’. Now I know what Harry Potter feels like every-time someone says ‘Voldemort’.

So what’s next?

Well, super supermarkets are on my target list too. Along with Amazon I think they are a leading contributor to the decline of our high streets. Since local councils allowed them to open directly in towns, there has definitely been a decline in people shopping on the high street. Leading to lots of independent retailers closing and providing us consumers with a lot less choice.

Alone, I’m not going to save the independent retailers or make high streets vibrant again. But together we can make a difference. I’ll admit going Amazon cold turkey wasn’t easy. And I’m sure the same symptoms will appear once I boycott the super supermarkets too.

But once you get past the first couple of weeks the fog will lift. And you’ll start to see the benefits of making your own choice where to spend your cash. Rather than just being Amazoned into it.