Remember that episode of The Apprentice where Lord Sugar gets the teams to create a new airline…

Collaborative came up with Jet Pop with an explosion in the logo & Typhoon plumped for Manage Air accompanied by rock tune ‘Highway to Hell’.

Both were bad & didn’t fill you with confidence. But created 1 of the more memorable episodes.

Although there is a group on the West Coast of America who’s used it as inspiration. They’ve launched a monthly subscription private air travel club called Surf Air.

Surf Air provides unlimited air travel, streamlined fast booking, 15-minute arrival for boarding, convenient private airports & custom designed executive aircraft. All for a monthly subscription.

It’s only currently available on the West Coast of America. But when Surf Air really takes off (excuse the pun) it’s going to radically change the face of air travel as we know it.

Frequent travellers will benefit through saving money with the monthly subscription, ultra-convenience & comfort. Whilst I’m sure they’ll be a pay as you go option with a small membership subscription. So non-frequent flyers can still benefit from the ultra-convenience & comfort.

I can relate it to our home & home business printing subscription. Infinity. Where you can print as much as you want for £11.99 (including a free wireless multi-function printer) & for non-frequent printing we have a pay as you go option too. With Buy 1 Get 1 Half Price on all printer cartridges.

Subscriptions are no longer the exception & are fast becoming the norm. Have you thought about how you can incorporate them within your organisation?