Darren begins with saying. “Good day. We’re here today with Sadie Nicholson of Smart PA, who’s going to explain how she can help you.”

“Hi all” said Sadie. “At Smart PA we offer bespoke admin packages to all sizes of organisations. From a 1 man band right up to organisations with 100’s of employees.”

“As an example. I’m currently working with a manufacturer who has 80 employees. Which shows you our service can be utilised by a whole host of organisations.”

“We provide back office business support functions in bespoke packages. Which can free up time so you can concentrate on strategic projects, stop you from working late at night or save you the hassle & cost of employing an extra team member.”

“Thats great Sadie” said Darren. “How can people contact you?”

“Simple” Sadie replied. “Just drop an email to sadie.nicholson@smartpassupport.com with your requirement or requesting a call back.”

“That’s fantastic Sadie” commented Darren. “How did you get involved with MY Total Office Solutions?”

Sadie explained. “I met technical manager Paul Bolton at a networking event & he discussed your printing packages. The home & home business package was a no brainer for me. I was paying out over £30 a month just in ink cartridges. Now I’ve got the latest printer with unlimited cartrigdes for just £11.99 a month”.

“Yes” beamed Darren. “It’s a great package for homes with children & anybody that works from home too. Not only does it come with a printer, all the cartridges you’ll ever need & a fix or replace support package. You also get a fixed price guarantee too. Which means no price rises or hidden extra charges.”

“If you want any more information about any of our printing packages please visit our website here. Thank you for watching.”